Teledyne LeCroy SDA 816Zi

Hostname: sda

This oscilloscope provides 40 Gsps on all channels at 8-bit resolution with 16 GHz of bandwidth.

It has a hardware CDR trigger which can trigger on up to ten 8b/10b codewords, a single 64b/66b codeword, or an arbitrary 80-bit pattern at up to 14.1 Gbps. Note that the CDR module is hard-wired to channel 4; the serial trigger functionality is not available on other channels.

Each channel has two inputs, a BNC (ProBus) and a BMA (ProLink). The ProBus inputs are limited to 3.5 GHz of bandwidth and support both 1MΩ and 50Ω operating modes. The ProLink inputs are 50Ω only and support the full instrument bandwidth. Note that the ProLink inputs have a very limited voltage range of ±2V at lower scales.

Two adapters from BMA to 2.92mm (and then to SMA via a second adapter) are attached to the front of the instrument (normally on channels 3 and 4) and may be used for direct 50Ω coaxial inputs at full bandwidth. These may be removed if necessary to connect a ProLink probe, but should be reinstalled afterwards to ensure they can be easily found for the next lab session.

Available probes:

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