Hostname: ssg

This instrument provides CW and analog modulated signal generation from 9 kHz to 6 GHz and I/Q vector modulation capabilities from 10 MHz to 6 GHz, with 1 mHz frequency and 0.01 dB amplitude resolution. Maximum I/Q bandwidth is 75 MHz; this can be increased to 150 MHz with a software option that we do not currently have.

It can send standard PRBS patterns or arbitrary digital data, which can be supplied from a USB thumbdrive or pushed to the instrument over Ethernet.

Leveling with an external USB power sensor is supported, however the lab does not currently have a compatible power sensor available so this capability cannot be used at this time.

The primary RF output signal is supplied on an N connector. A N-to-SMA connector is normally installed on the instrument since SMA is the primary connector used throughout the lab.

Additionally, a front panel BNC provides access to the LFO for analog modulation, and rear panel BNCs provide access to baseband I/Q outputs from the internal AWG. A second set of rear panel BNCs allows for external baseband I/Q to be provided and modulated onto the internally generated carrier.

Bench overview